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Savini Tartufi

Since five generations, Family Savini from the Pisa region is member of the truffle- seeker guild. In the small town Forcoli, surrounded by the hills of Tuscany and the odor of valuable mushrooms, the company is specialized in the finest craftsmanship of truffle products. Here in the area around Pisa, Florence and Siena, a choice of five delicious truffle varieties is revealed to the truffle hunters - from exclusive black summer and winter truffles to the white spring truffles up to the noble queen of fungi, the Alba truffle. Due to the different aging periods, Savini Tartufi benefits from the luxury of a year-round harvest of the Tuscan jewel. Specially trained truffle dogs support the search for the precious fungi which are then excavated with traditional equipment. The hallmark of Savini Tartufi products is its unique freshness. Cristiano and Luciano Savini choose their mushrooms personally by hand, and thus pay heed to both the quality and the origin guarantee of the Tuscan truffle. In Addition, the processing of the valuable natural resources is upon order and gentle production of the delicacies in small quantities guarantee the convincing quality of Savini products. The preparation of the dishes is crafted in traditional stoves, and according to traditional recipes from father to son.