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No artificial, no chemicals, only respect for the territory where we live. The love for tradition, the attention to detail and the application of the most modern production techniques. Entering into the Oilala world means sharing the pure olive oil nectar, esthetic sense and spectacular flavors that are in perfect harmony with the environment. Located in Barletta, in the region of Puglia on the Adriatic coast and surrounded by seculars plants, for millenniums this land full of sun and sea breeze, has been considered one of the best olive oil sources in the world. Our olive grove is surrounded by cultivation of tomatoes, artichokes, peaches, figs, apricots and grapes, which all give their fragrance to the olives and also the olive oil.

Oilala has chosen to produce “Monocultivar” olive oils, which come from only one kind of olive, “Coratina and Leccino”. These olives are handpicked, harvested at the perfect ripening then brought to the olive mill within 12 hours in order to get a superior extra virgin olive oil that is evident by its smell and taste, providing a new sensorial experience.

The best natural antioxidant, the extra virgin olive oil is a fundamental ally to keep our body healthy. Oilala is a good source of nutritive values rich in vitamins A, D, E, making it a precious dietary supplement. Thanks to its high concentration of polyphenols, it is the best food to contrast with free radicals, which are responsible for our aging.

It is Oilala’s aim to spread our gastronomic heritage over the continent and become renowned over the globe. We all share together one universal true love, the passion for Gastronomy. That is why we have launched a new project “Italian Taste Ambassadors” to create a food community where people, passion and quality are fundamentals in which we operate an accurate selection of our partners, ingredients and production processes.

Not only do we want to offer you the best extra virgin olive oil, but we also want to offer you the best tomato sauce, peeled tomatoes, sun dried tomatoes, grilled artichokes, black and green olives and balsamic vinegar... Character, health and taste, makes Oilala “Naturalmente Differente” .