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Cantine del Cardinale

The Cardinali family is composed of Amalia, Giovanni, the two sons Luca and Cristiano, their respective wives, Giselle their daughter, her husband, and six grandchildren who all live in Serra de'Conti, a beautiful small medieval town in the province of Ancona, in the Marches, Italy. The family inherited an old recipe dating back to the mid '800, that was passed on from generation to generation and decide to bring it to life.

The Cardinali family is aware not only of their respect for tradition but also of their rescpect for nature, the rain the wind the sun, every change in the weather and in soil conditions is important to them as all these elements create the ideal growth conditions for the PRUNUS CERASUS AUSTERA Variety from which visciola is made from.

And it is with the aim of carrying on the tradition and preservation of ancient tastes and methods, that the Cardinali family decided to take on the production of the "VISCIOLATA DEL CARDINALE".