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Coppini Arte Olearia

Coppini Arte Olearia - L’Albero D’Argento Aziende Agricole is the national and world’s leading Company

specialized in production and trade of authentic Extra-Virgin Olive Oil of Certified Quality for high-end catering area, deli boutiques and real gourmands. Logistic and sales services are carried out in Parma area, using the facilities and the know-how acquired in over 70 years of work and this is a usually hardly reachable aim in this sector. In the following regions devoted to the production, such as Abruzzo, Apulia and Sicily, the company manages Factories, Traceability, Harvesting and the association “Gli Olivicoltori d’Italia”. The association grants olives according to the regulation and the consultancy of Coppini

Arte Olearia’s experienced agronomists.