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Relanghe Alba

Alba is renowned worldwide for its white truffles and fine wines, but it is also celebrated for the sweet delight of sugar and honey melted with IGP Piedmont Hazelnuts, resulting in its most typical sweet, Torrone, or nougat.

In 1993, the Ceretto family, well known wine producers in Piedmont and passionately fond of local specialty foods, embarked on the venture of preserving an integral part of the local culinary culutre: that is how Torronificio Relanghe was started.

The IGP Piedmont Hazelnut, round, smooth and rich with intense perfumes, is the secret behind the quality of Relanghe products and it's indisputable symbol: the Torrone Friabile, crunchy nougat, produced exclusively using IGP Piedmont Hazelnuts.

In order to obtain truly fantastic nougat, however, a quality Hazelnut is not enough. Careful attention along the entire production cycle is fundamental: the perfect level of toasting, mixed-flower Piedmont honey, pure cane sugar, slow and attentive cooking using steam-heated boilers, and hand pulling and pressing using wooden molds, giving the nougat just the right amount of crunchiness.