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Latteria Sociale Mantova

Grana Padano, created by Nature, improved by mankind.

A little water, a fertile ground and fair weather. From these rich and still virgin lands of the valley of Mincio river, in the heart of the Padania plain, comes one of the most famous and widely-appreciated Italian cheeses in the world. From the first time you’ll taste it, you’ll never forget its unique shape and irresistible flavour. The story of Grana Padano cheese begins there, in these rough lands, and explains the Padanis’ love for their country, their job, the respect for their traditions, the great passion for those authentic and true things like Grana Padano cheese.

Grana Padano. A natural talent.

All begins in the land of Mantua, so beautiful and rich. . Clovers and other precious fodders come from pastures located inside the reserve of the Mincio Park, still naturally grown without any fertilizer or chemical weedkiller.

This same country grass, growing freely, is the main ingredient with which the best dairy cow breeds are fed. This particular attention to the animal’s diet gives our milk all its unique nutritional and organoleptic features and grants Grana Padano cheese its incomparable flavour.

That’s why Grana Padano cheese from Mantua, with its true and incomparable taste, is still today one of the widest sold cheese in the world.