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Roby Marton


Marton’s Gin is made from high-quality grain, spring water, and a little bit of Italian magic. The gin is double-filtered, creating a smooth, clean beverage. After the distillation process is complete, the spirit is poured into a container and cold infusion is performed. This refinement gives the gin a bigger, fuller flavor and makes the texture even more pleasurable. It is important to note the unusual color of Marton’s. The extraordinary characteristic, and the list of botanicals featured in this gin, help Marton’s to stand out from the crowd. Citrus fruits, red fruits, cloves, ginger, horseradish, anise seed, coriander, pink pepper, and liquorice give this spirit a whole character of its own and make it unique in every possible way.


Robymarton Gin IPG Italian Premium 47%
  • (Unfiltered gin distilled with mediterranean botanicals)
700ml x 6
TONKA Gin Limited Edition 2016 47%          
  • (Unfiltered Vintage Dry Gin)
500ml x 6
Robymarton Gin Limited Edition 2017 47%                                               
  •  (Unfiltered gin distilled with mediterranean botanicals) 
2,000ml x 6
Big Gino Italian Premium Dry Gin 40% 
  •  (Traditional botanicals, Pomelo and Allspices berries, not filtered) 
1,000ml x 6
Gin Primo with Cervia Salt 43%                                                                     
  •  (Botanicals: Lavender, Juniper, Erba Luigia, Santolina Cenere
700ml x 6
Jack Rudy Cocktails – Small Batch Tonic                                                         
  •  (Botanicals: Chinina, Sugar, Lemongrass and Orange skin) 
503ml x 6
Spice Jar Set in Wooden Box                                                                          
  •  (Botanicals: Cardamon, Licorice roots, Pimento berries, Colombo roots, Juniper berries
100gr x 5 bottles/set