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Antica Corte Pallavicina

Spigaroli Family. From his great-grandfather, bailiff of Giuseppe Verdi, to his grandfather, ferryman on the river Po, and finally his parents, restaurateurs in a small hut of the river Po. The current generation, Massimo and Luciano Spigaroli, brings forward the family mission: a very strong bond with the river Po and with the tradition, and a weak spot for the good things.

For the Spigaroli Making Cold Cuts, or "Salumi", has been part of the family tradition. They view it as their moral duty to make them the way they always used to be made.

Way back in the time of Giusepe Verdi our great-grandfather processed meat from his own pigs. Many years later the "Di Corte" Delicatessen is still the jewel in the crown of our production.

Their Salumi can claim to be unique and completely natural and tasting them is enough to tell you where they are from and who made them.