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Villa Zarri


Situated in north of Italy, Castel Maggiore (Bo), started to produce Italian high quality brandy in 1990 and Guido Fini Zarri presented the first bottle of Villa Zarri Brandy. In order to achieve excellent quality brandy, Villa Zarri has chosen Romagnolo and Tuscan Trebbiano, grown in compliance with the working methods necessary to obtain good wine. Trebbiano is not very aromatic, its alcoholic strength is very low, it has good fixed acidity and preserves these characteristics, especially if it is grown on plains or if the grapes are harvested slightly in advance.


Brandy 10 years N.V. 44% 500ml x 6
BRANDY 21 ANNI INV.MILLES 1988 45% 500ml x 6
NOCINO 50 cl N.V. 43% 500ml x 6
Cherry Brandy N.V. 40% 500ml x 6
Brandy and Coffee N.V. 40% 500ml x 6
Amaro Zarri N.V. 35% 700ml x 6