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Michele Satta


The company was founded in 1983, the year before the foundation of the Bolgheri DOC, of which, in fact, Satta was among its first protagonists.

The peculiarity of the DOC Bolgheri, established in 1984, is that it comprises an area of land facing the Tyrrhenian Sea, towards the west and surrounded by hills on the remaining cardinal points, as well as a theatre watches the stage. The vineyards cover a total area of about 23 hectares. They are located in the centre of the comune of Castagneto Carducci and thus the restricted production area of Bolgheri DOC wines.

Red Wine

Bolgheri Rosso D.O.C. 
Bolgheri Rosso D.O.C. "Piastraia" 
Syrah, Toscana, I.G.T. 
Sangiovese “Cavaliere”, Toscana I.G.T. 
Bolgheri Superiore D.O.C. " I Castagni" 
Bolgheri Superiore D.O.C. " I Castagni" 


Bolgheri Rosso D.O.C. (Magnum)  1500ml
Bolgheri Rosso D.O.C. "Piastraia" Magnum  1500ml


Bolgheri Rosato DOC 

White Wine

Vermentino/Sauvignon “Costa di Giulia” IGT 
Viognier “Giovin Re”, Toscana I.G.T.