The holidays are all about celebration, and there’s nothing that gets the party off to a festive start like popping open a bottle of high quality sparkling wine. No matter you are the owners of a restaurant or housewives, now is the perfect time to stock up enough bottles for dinners, company parties, last-minute gifts, and, of course, New Year’s Eve. We have the best sparkling wines from Franciacorta - Contadi Castaldi.

The name Contadi Castaldi is a synthesis of the ancient history of Franciacorta, its 19 municipalities and their vocation for outstanding agriculture. In 1500, when the Venetian Republic was at the height of its splendour, Franciacorta produced food and wine destined for the tables of princes, kings and rich merchants. For Franciacorta, the beautiful city of Venice was the market of choice for introducing its wines.

One of the many quarries in the area gave rise to the Biasca brickyard, the old building that houses the Contadi Castaldi winery today. When the Franciacorta region was at the peak of its development in the 1980’s, Vittorio and Mariella Moretti decided to convert the brickyard into a winery. Its large spaces and long tunnels where the bricks were fired proved to be the perfect place for ageing Franciacorta vintages and welcoming wine lovers.